Technics EAH-F70N headphones

Technics enters the headphone market with the EAH-F70N – delivering a top noise canceller. Here is our review.


  • balanced, neutral sound
  • very good noise canceling


  • no app
  • maximum volume could be higher


Audio sound judgment: 74 points; Price / offer: Very good     WellDISPLAY

The headphone division is growing unstoppably. More and more new and well-known brands are entering. Now the Japanese giant Panasonic is entering the field – with its HiFi brand Technics. 

Equipment and functions

Do not spill, but paddle is the motto here, because the Technics EAH-F70N is coming in full equipment. Powerful 40-millimeter drivers, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and active noise canceling is what the Japanese listener has on board. Whereby waived operating effects such as touch sensors.

All functions are achieved by means of three mechanical control buttons on the right side of the capsule. That’s enough for the most important functions: playback / continue, volume adjustment and language assistants such as Siri Apple are also supported (long press on a button). The noise-canceling can be adjusted in three stages. 


Design Technically, the Technics gentle curves, sharp edges or corners can be found no. The capsules are made of plastic with a cover made of aluminum, in which the manufacturer laser engraved his lettering. Interested parties have the choice of the colors, black, silver and brown. 

The direction of the headphone shows that there is nothing loud about it: not the very young audience should hear pop and hip-hop with it, but rather the middle generation who would like to enjoy sophisticated music on the go.

Balanced sound

Fortunately, Technics does not let itself be tempted by the trend towards effective, overbearing basses. The EAH-F70N sounded amazingly neutral, almost good. He reproduced acoustic music in a focused and accurate manner. We added the new album “The Bell” by “Iamthemorning”. The Russian duo sounded multi-faceted, the voice of singer Marjana Semkina literally radiated.

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With high-level noise-canceling enabled, the headphones lost a bit of treble in the highs, but overall the sound remained amazingly stable. So we put in metal. Tarjas opera voice paired with crashing metal cascades and orchestral sound – that was also the Technics. Even at higher volumes, the timing was not out of step, with the maximum possible volume quiet could have tolerated even a pound more.

In the end, we finally started a pop album: Marti Fischer’s funk “AlbumEins”, the song “Back to the Studio”. The extremely powerful impulses put away easily the Technics, without becoming somehow spongy. It was an excellent show that secured Technics a high position in the AUDIO leaderboard.


Modern yet retro – the Technics EA H-F70N combines two worlds. Optically and technically, you get state of the art. Noise-canceling is well done by the Japanese, the runtime is neat with measured 27 hours. The fact that the operation remains with mechanical keys, instead of relying on touch sensors, must not be a disadvantage. So my fingers found the keys after a short familiarization blind.

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