JBL Tune 120TWS: True Wireless Headphones in Field Test

Completely wireless in-ear headphones are in line with the trend. Also JBL mixes diligently with. connect has tested the new model Tune 120TWS.


  • good workmanship
  • fast pairing, stable bluetooth connection
  • intuitive operation
  • balanced sound
  • high wearing comfort
  • decent battery life


  • relatively large cargo box
  • no volume control
  • no app for fine tuning


The completely wireless in-ear headphones JBL Tune 120TWS combines a more than decent sound with an ergonomic fit at a fair price. The battery life is satisfactory, the operation very easy. In addition, the pegs can be connected to Google Assistant or Siri at the push of a button.     WellDISPLAY

Apple has set a trend with the AirPods, which can now be documented in the streetscape. It is also reflected in the ever-growing product range: every well-known headphone manufacturer and also a number of smartphone manufacturers now have so-called True Wireless Headphones as in-ear versions in the program. Naturally, the Harman subsidiary JBL can not be missing either. Brand new on the market are the completely wireless Tune 120TWS. The recommended retail price is 99 euros.

After unpacking, it is important to select the right fittings. Three different sizes are supplied by the manufacturer. The eavesdroppers nestle in each ear canal – though not in all test subjects so accurately that it could also do any sports.

Language assistant included

When not listening, the JBL plugs will park in the charging box, which is relatively bulky compared to other products. After the initial setup, which is done quickly, the headphones connect via Bluetooth largely independently with the audio source. The connection with a smartphone or PC is handled by the right plug, the pairing with the left one is automatic. As soon as they return to the loading box, which is necessary after a good four hours at the latest, they are automatically disconnected from the source and loaded. 15 minutes of charging time is enough for another hour of listening pleasure. In total, you can recharge about twelve hours before the charging box has to be plugged in again.

The operation of the headphones is very simple: pressing a button on the right plug starts or stops playback, double tap launches the voice assistant – either the Google Assistant or Siri – who then responds to audible commands. Via the left plug you can jump to the next or previous song.

Only the volume can not be regulated with the Tune 120TWS, this is only on the output device or in case of doubt also via voice assistant (“Ok Google, make louder”). There is not much to say about the sound. JBL promises “pure bass” – and you get that too, although the lows are likely to be more pronounced.

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