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Welcome to SmartWatchGuru’s Smartwatch Test! Here you can find all reviews of the currently most popular wearables. So if you are currently looking around for a new smart watch you are exactly right with us.

We at SmartwatchGuru know that wristwatches are just as outdated today as dial telephones, payphones, Birkenstock pines, real fur on garments, boy bands and, and, and. That Rolex and Co. are no longer up to date has good reason. Running around without a cell phone feels like you’re walking around in the 21st century – so picking up the phone today from morning roll to garbage is just about everywhere. To reliably read the time, you therefore no longer need a clock, because even this can serve the cell phone, which one has anyway in the bag. But if we know that watches are out of fashion, why do we think anyone should be interested in what our smartwatch test is about  has resulted? After all, a smartwatch is still a watch, despite its high-tech features, and the cell phone can easily replace it as well.

Stop, wait – not so premature, because the smartwatch is not just a clock at all and even has the look on the cell phone time ahead. Although or perhaps because of the inaccurate taste of wristwatches, we are struck by a number of reasons that make our smartwatch test interesting for the general public. Specifically, the following three facts make the gadget so helpful.

Smartwatch Benefits : These advantages make a smartwatch

  • Time savings : To get the phone out of your pocket, you need forever. Women with a whole survival package in their handbag will probably only find the ringing cell phone when it has already given up ringing. The Smartwatch sits statically on the wrist and you do not have to look for it long. This saves a lot of time. A quick glance is enough to check the time, detect incoming calls or see new messages.
  • Discretion : Just because the smartwatch only requires a quick glance to check the cell phone, the system also scores with discretion towards the phone. One scenario that makes this advantage particularly helpful is the Date scenario. Who wants to date someone who is constantly busy with his cell phone? With a smartwatch from our smartwatch test, the date stops the whining, because it saves him the permanent and time-consuming fumbling on the phone, but even with a discrete look at the clock but still keeps everything in view. The same is of course also true in business meetings or when driving a car, where, by the way, the voice control of the watches proves useful.
  • Battery life : That the smartwatch everything can be checked at a glance and the phone for a quick check of calls or messages does not need to be extra effort, saves the smartphone in the long term battery life. But wait: Does not the networking of smartphones and smartwatches consume a lot of battery? Do not panic, the answer is no, because most smartwatches from our Smartwatch Test are connected to the phone via Bluetooth 4.0 and this technology is particularly energy-efficient.

The mobile phone on the wrist: Smartphone + Watch = Smartwatch

The parents of the smartwatch are the digital wristwatch from the 80s and the smartphone of the 21st century. From the pairing of these two devices, the smart watch has thus emerged. Even decades ago, conventional wristwatches were able to perform additional functions in addition to timekeeping: they could, for example, stop time or serve as an alarm clock. Over time, more and more additional functions were integrated into the wristwatch so that the timepieces could suddenly calculate or control the TV via infrared. But because all of this was also the smartphone and mobile devices were becoming increasingly popular, the general demand for wristwatches soon returned. To get back into fashion, the wristwatch had to adapt to the popular smartphone, which at the same time was getting smaller and smaller. Many manufacturers integrated individual units of the smartphone into a watch so soon and put their smartphone on the wrist. Apple, for example, combined the iPod touch with the iPod Nano and made a bracelet for the new system that uses the iPod nano as a smartwatch could. Since then, a lot has changed.

Modern smartwatches usually have their own operating systems, which are either designed specifically for the clock or optimized as an Android system on the clock. For example, a modern smartwatch can independently run smaller applications and connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Thus, the smartwatch has become an ingenious extension for the cell phone, but now even something independent of the phone can do something. While most variants still interact with a particular phone, some are also equipped with their own SIM card slot. This makes it possible to make calls and use the Internet without having to connect to your own mobile phone. From the smartphone, the modern smartwatches from our smartwatch test differ basically only by the size and the general functionality.

What’s important in the basics of a smartwatch

The basis of every smart watch is the connection, the ergonomics, the design and the key data on telephony and message management. If you think about buying the gadget, you need to know what is important in each area. Our experience in the smartwatch test has given us valuable information in this regard.

When buying a smartwatch, the most important thing is the connection

Completely self-sufficient devices are priced mostly high settled and therefore not suitable for everyone. Who does not buy a self-sufficient device, must pay attention to the compatibility of the clock with the own mobile phone. Many smartwatches from our Smartwatch Test connect easily with both Apple iOS and Android. For some other models, this is not true and they are only for connection to certain smartphones. Virtually all non-self-sufficient smartwatches connect using Bluetooth wireless technology, which has proven to be a stable technology. The current versions also score with energy-saving qualities. But beware: the clock time display should always work independently of the Bluetooth connection to the smartphone, because only then can the time be checked, when the battery of the mobile phone is empty. Some smartwatches also offer many features in addition to the clock that run without the connection. But always keep the battery life in view, since self-sufficient extra features have a negative effect on the battery.

News and Telephony on a Smartwatch

All smartwatches are capable of displaying messages. This refers in particular to incoming calls and SMS. If you also want to have emails or social network messages on your watch, you need a smartwatch that can use the internet connection of the smartphone. For the purchase, the notification type of incoming messages can also play a role. Vibrating alert smartwatches provide the most reliable and discreet information. But filter options are also relevant in this regard, because no one wants to wear a clock that sounds the alarm constantly and every little thing. While each smartwatch can display messages and calls, not everyone is capable of telephoning and creating messages. Who wants to wear these features on the wrist,

Fashionable design in the spotlight

Unlike the smartphone, the smart watch as a wristwatch, despite its functionality at the same time a  fashionable accessory, Therefore, the design plays a much more important role for the gadget than for smartphones. For example, nobody wants to wear a chunky and heavy watch on their wrist that does not offer any trinket qualities. Anyone who buys such a smartwatch could also strap on their own cell phone. That means that a good smartwatch does have to offer technology, but keep this technique discreetly in the background in order to look beautiful at the same time. So far, there are two main directions in the market in terms of watch design. The most popular direction corresponds in its appearance classic analog clocks. The other direction is consciously futuristic and puts the technical abilities in the foreground with a digital appearance. While many of the clocks have a fixed design and layout, others can be customized. For example, if you want to choose the color of the bracelet yourself, you must pay attention to this customizability. The same applies to those who may want to vary the layout of the clock or to optimize it with that of other manufacturers. Which of the watches allow this, reveals our smartwatch test.

Control & Ergonomics: Perfectly Operable Smartwatches

In particular, because the smartwatch should be a piece of jewelry and yet technically capable, it must have an ergonomic control that does not affect the look. Especially when creating messages, a small display and small keypads are a hindrance. On the other hand, if these two elements are too big, the clock often does not look nice. Well-functioning speech recognition is therefore particularly important. The touchscreen control of smartphones is not particularly well-suited for smartwatches, and even physical buttons on the edge of the case are not ergonomic enough because the input options with these controls are limited. Some smartwatches in our Smartwatch test convince with advanced speech recognition as well as gesture control, ie control by arm or swipe movements.

Purchase-critical additional features of a smartwatch

Additional features, apps and sensors make the Smartwatch only the small wonder of technology that you expect from it. In this respect, one smart watch does not look like the other. After our experience in the Smartwatch test, we also know in this area where the key selling differences lie. Let’s take a closer look at the special features in our Smartwatch Test:

additional features
In our smartwatch review, many smartwatches have demonstrated the ability to access key smartphone items such as calendars, alarm clocks or notes. Even though most of the watches did not run these features, they could serve as an enhanced smartphone display in this regard. The control panel also provides access to the mobile phone’s media player for most of the time, with the Start, Stop, or Continue commands conveniently running on the clock without having to get the phone out of the bag. But if you are looking for a smartwatch with its own, integrated media player, you will not find it easily, because this feature is not part of the standard report. The Smartwatch Test is therefore a helpful partner in the search for such watches: We will spare you the search and let you know briefly which watches have their own player. The advantage of such models is above all the possibility of listening to music, although the mobile phone is not nearby or the battery is empty. However, some of these variants are in the smartwatch test than below average in terms of battery life. In this respect, the customer is called upon to set priorities and thus to refrain from either a particularly long-lasting battery or the own player in the clock. The same applies to many additional features. Such an extra from the standard reportage of smartwatches is, for example, the activation of the smartphone camera, which can be operated via the clock, for example by means of a remote trigger.

Smartwatch apps

Installing apps is critical, not just for smartphones, but for smart watches as well. Apps can change the layout of a watch or add features that individuals really need. This makes the installability of various applications a particularly decisive purchase criterion for smartwatches. Our smartwatch test shows that many manufacturers prefer own island systems instead of generic standard solutions with the ability to install third-party apps. If only the apps of an island system can be installed, then this limits the functionality of the smartwatch significantly. Models with generic standard solutions are therefore more recommendable investments than those with island systems. Which models like working, reveals our  smartwatch test and makes your purchase decision easier.

Smartwatch sensors

Sensors on the smartwatch can provide even greater functionality and additional control options. Especially when the smartwatch is to be used for the sports sector, sensors are part of the basic equipment, because they allow many interesting additional functions in this regard. Some models can be networked via ANT + connection, for example, with external sensors, such as heart rate monitors, which allows the logging of training data. Sports tracker apps can also interact with the smartphone’s GPS sensor on some smartwatches to record the exact distance covered during training, which can then be used to filter out individual parameters such as speed.

Smartwatches by manufacturers

Smartwatches are now available from many different manufacturers. The most important are Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony and Motorola. Depending on the manufacturer, the smart watches offer specific features that we all got to know with the Smartwatch Test. Every smartwatch manufacturer has its own strengths that he or she can incorporate in the smartwatch, whether your heart beats for the design or the technology. The leading smartwatch giants have convinced us in our smartwatch test with both technology and design. See for yourself!

Samsung smartwatch

Samsung is currently the leading manufacturer of smart watches. For example, in 2014, the company achieved 1.2 million units of worldwide smartwatch sales, catapulting it to the top of the pack. In the Smartwatch Gear series, Samsung now offers more than five different models of the smart watch that we encountered in our Smartwatch Test. As a rule, the manufacturer orients itself by equipping the clocks with its own operating system, the so-called Tizen OS. This has the disadvantage that the clocks can only be connected to certain telephones. For example, Gear Live cooperates with Android Wear, for example. A special feature of the Gear series from Samsung: It is one of the few smartwatch series, which offer an integrated camera. In addition, functions such as a pedometer and a voice recorder are available.

Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch, Apple has sent a clever watch into the race, which has a lot in store especially in terms of design and offers the customer many customizable components. The coupling with the smartphone succeeds the stylish, scratch-resistant and waterproof Apple Watch in the Smartwatch test well and features such as a pedometer, the manufacturer has thought. The system is specifically designed for iOS devices, with combinable apps including Onefootball, TV Pro, Instagram, Powerpoint, Shazam and Yahoo Weather. Thus run on the Apple model and third-party apps and it is not working with an island system. The Apple Watch uses Force Touch technology, which can distinguish firm and light presses, adding a third dimension to the user interface of the chic watch.

LG Watch

Like the market leader Samsung, LG also has several smartwatches in the race, which we got to know in the Smartwatch Test. In addition to the round LG G Watch and its R version with Android system in this regard, for example, the LG KizOn should be mentioned, which the manufacturer has specially designed for children. Compatible are the LG models with all Android smartphones. In particular, the G Watch R has visually and functionally improved compared to its predecessor and facilitates the entry into the Android Wear through the ergonomics.

Sony smartwatch

Sony has been in the smartwatch business since 2013, making it one of the manufacturers that has entered development the earliest. The models from Sony is a nice addition to their own Android device, which come along in a relatively discreet look. The Smartwatch 3 extends its own OS with the specially developed “Sony Mobile UX” and offers a modified homescreen, calls directly from the wrist and additional features such as the Lifelog a certain customizability, as regards components such as the bracelet.

Motorola Smartwatch

A round-robin watch in the spirit of digital analog watches is the Motorola Moto 360 model, tuned to Android devices and running on Android itself. With this smart watch Motorola has launched one of the first smartwatches ever. The watch looks like an ordinary wristwatch, is customizable in design and can be operated in a user-friendly and ergonomic way by swiping. Of course, voice control is also included. Even the clock has no speakers, which makes telephony directly from the wrist impossible.

The smart watch for operating systems

The fact that not every clever watch is compatible with any smartphone is mainly due to the operating system. After years of experience with various operating systems on smartphones, everyone has now rauskuckt an operating system that meets his needs best and therefore would like to buy for this reason probably no smartwatch any operating system. Manufacturers such as Pebble have developed their own, highly flexible system for watches, which can be combined with Android and iOS. As it has already been mentioned above, Samsung has shot at Tizen and thus fits only to certain smartphones. Depending on the operating system running on your own mobile phone, the customer may have to be careful when choosing a smartwatch.

  • Android Devices : Google’s Android Wear is compatible with all Android devices version 4.3 or higher. The system scores with intelligent speech recognition and interesting additional functions especially for fitness fans and is clearly ahead of manufacturers such as Samsung by a wide circle of users.
  • iOS devices : The  Apple Watch  is in particular, but not only compatible with the iPhone. All Apple mobile devices, including iOS devices, can be combined with this smartwatch, with special emphasis on controlling force-touch technology.

Smartwatch overview, buying advice and price comparison

As the name implies, we at SmartwatchGuru want to provide you with a large-scale overview of current market developments in the field of smart watches through various test runs. With reviews, price comparisons and  realistic test reports So the SmartwatchGuru team wants to help you with buying advice. You do not have to deal with technical data or perform your own smartwatch test. We are happy to take care of all these tasks for you and summarize the results in order to give you a time-saving, competent and easy-to-understand overview. There is always a lot going on in the market. Being always up to date on current market developments is therefore even more difficult. You probably can not and do not want to read the news for half the day. In this respect, too, you benefit from us, because we take care of that for you and always keep you up to date with short and selected reports. As soon as new watch models appear, we also report whether and why the new releases are currently in the favor of customers. Here are our key points at a glance:

  • Price comparison : On SmartwatchGuru you will find many and differentiated price comparisons, which you can certainly find the product with the best price performance ratio.
  • News : SmartwatchGuru provides you with all relevant news from the industry and gives you a time-saving overview of current trends and developments.
  • Reviews : At the heart of SmartwatchGuru, reviews are designed to help you find the smart watch that best suits your needs.

How do we test SmartwatchGuru smartwatches?

Our own claim during device testing is possible  objectively  evaluate and above all independent. We want to allow you as a reader to get a realistic and honest impression of the tested smartwatches. To ensure this, we test our own reliability testing by not only contributing our own experience with the smartwatches to the evaluation, but also drawing a cross-comparison with other test articles to obtain the most objective assessment of the wearables.

Our rating system

The grading takes it on first  five levels  instead. These include the watch’s design, performance, battery life, features, and smartwatch software under test. For the overall grade we then take the average of the whole criteria. Individual minor deviations from their mean value are possible, however, if the overall impression of the clock overall turns out to be slightly more positive or even more negative.

The design

For the single criterion  design  we consider the outward appearance of the smartwatch. Not only the first impression counts, but also the quality of the workmanship and the materials. Is the frame made of cheap plastic, brushed aluminum or even 18 carat gold? But also aspects such as the wearing comfort and handling when putting on or making the watch play here. In principle, of course, it also takes into account the extent to which the watch corresponds to the latest trends and styles or whether it looks rather functional and very technical.

The efficiency

As a measure of  performance,  on the other hand, the intrinsic values ​​of the smartwatch are more important. If the wearable is equipped with a strong processor, good memory and a lot of hard disk capacity, that is a good basis for a lot of performance. Nevertheless, the final grade in this particular area decides above all when using the watch. Do you have to wait a long time for apps to open, or is everything going right? Do wiping movements and scrolling smoothly on the display or does it all look rather hakelig and out of round? This and other Aspkete of this kind are questions that we evaluate in this criterion.

The battery life

Is relatively course, on our watch will test the valuation level  of battery life . As the name implies, we look at how long the device lives on average without being connected to a charger. Unfortunately, this criterion is still very immature for many watches, so we decided to introduce this as our own grading dimension. In addition, we also rate here how pleasant and fast the store runs. Do you have to wait 3 hours and laboriously fumble a MicroUSB into the USB port of your laptop or just put the Smartwatch for half an hour in a supplied charging cradle and can then continue? These aspects are also crucial here.

Features of the smartwatch in the test

The  functions  we consider Smart Watch Guru the little extras and fun gadgets that are integrated into the smart watch. Many of the new smartwatches come with handy sensors, such as heart rate monitors and pedometer. Others can use the infrared interface to operate the TV or snapshots with the built-in camera. Also, the question of whether the wearables can be operated with voice command and touch screen or only by pressing a button we clarify at this point.

The software

In the evaluation of the  software  we incorporate how well the operating system is to use, what apps it for are available and whether you can look forward to new updates constantly improved. Is it rather a cumbersome arrangement of programs or have innovative ways of structuring the menu been found? Whether the software runs reliably is decisive for the individual criterion.

Overall, so you see, we put a lot of effort in our smartwatch test to present the individual wearables as detailed and critical as possible. We are independent in our tests and have, as already stated, the claim to deliver as objective and reliable assessments. So have  fun  reading and informing about the latest smartwatches!

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