Chainsaws Review 2019

Whether electric or petrol model: With these tips you will find the right chainsaw for every application. We also give tips on safety.

For forestry work, small gardening or for the production of firewood: Whoever regularly chops wood, saws thick branches or even tackles a tree trunk, can not avoid the purchase of a chainsaw. A chainsaw is a sophisticated tool, so choosing the right model is important. We’ll give you tips on purpose, usability and engine performance and tell you what to look for when you buy a chainsaw.

Gasoline or Electric: Which model should it be?

There are two types of chain saws: the smaller, less powerful electric chain saws, and the large models equipped with a petrol tank. Electric saws are mainly used in the home garden for pruning or shredding firewood.

Gasoline saws, on the other hand, are mainly used in forestry work in the forest, ie when cutting down and felling. These powerful chainsaws can handle thick branches or logs, but should not be used by laymen because of the risk of injury.

Important safety criteria for chainsaws

To avoid serious injuries, it is not only important to operate the chainsaw professionally. The device itself must also have certain safety standards. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

  • Switch-on lock : It prevents unintentional starting of the saw.
  • Brakes : This locks the chain during hard setbacks.
  • Grip resistance : Handles made of insulating materials as well as metal-coated handles made of insulating material prevent the hand from slipping
  • Residual current circuit breaker:  Electric shocks are prevented.
  • Exhaust gas guide : It should be fixed with chain saws with petrol engine so that the user does not inhale the smoke.

Chainsaw note: Even if the certificate is not mandatory, it is recommended for security reasons. Because a chainsaw is a sophisticated tool whose handling is to be learned. A corresponding course, which is offered by, among others, forest associations , the Technical Relief Organization, the fire department  or in hardware stores , not only provides basic knowledge for the safe handling of a chainsaw, but also information about proper care and sharpening the chain.

Below we present five chain saws in various designs and price ranges, which have convinced in tests or are rated particularly well by customers on rating portals.

1. Beginner friendly with carving option: Tonino Lamborghini KS 6024 chainsaw

For DIY enthusiasts and hobby gardeners who want to work regularly larger amounts of wood, the electric chainsaw “Tonino Lamborghini KS 6024” is the ideal entry-level device. The chainsaw has received top grades in the entry-level class in the magazine Heimwerker Praxis # 2 (issue 6/2009).

Thanks to the high torque, the high-quality gearbox and the powerful motor, the “KS 6024” also cuts through harder woods. The sword and the saw chain guarantee a very good sawing performance. The generous equipment is complemented by an appealing design. The slim design and the relatively low weight of the saw, paired with the ergonomic handle and an automatic chain oiling, makes it also suitable for carving.  

Tonino Lamborghini KS 6024

  • Saw type: Electric chainsaw
  • Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Power: 1,900 W
  • Sword length: up to 40 cm
  • Special features: Switch-on lock, electronic start-up current generator and overload protection, automatic chain lubrication, SafetyMatic chain brake and run-out chain brake

2nd middle class for effortless work: Dolmar ES-173A chainsaw

The electric chain saw “Dolmar ES-173A” was named test winner among the chainsaws with electric motor by Stiftung Warentest (09/2013). Although the test is a few years back, the solid model is still available.

The saw impresses with a powerful and reliable engine. Thus, cutting work on shrubs and small trees are easily possible – even with Fällschnitte the saw can lead well. Its slim shape makes it easier to work in confined spaces. Thanks to the ergonomic handle with coating, it fits comfortably in the garden even during extensive work in the garden.

Dolmar ES-173A

  • Saw type: Electric chainsaw
  • Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Power: 1,900 W
  • Sword length: up to 40 cm
  • Special features: Switch-on lock, electronic start-up current generator and overload protection, automatic chain lubrication, SafetyMatic chain brake and run-out chain brake

3rd prize-winner of the battery chainsaw: Husqvarna 120i

This model is as powerful as a powerful electric chainsaw, but quieter and less emission. Precisely with these characteristics, the saw was also in the chainsaw test 2017 home improvement magazine “Self is the man” plus points and was awarded the prize-winner.

Above all, their simple, intuitive operation, the relatively quiet operation and their power were praised. This is enough to cut even small trees in the garden. The chainsaw is thus very well suited for trimming and removing bushes and small trees, but also for processing firewood.

Husqvarna 120i

  • Saw type: Cordless chainsaw
  • Weight: 2.95 kg
  • Power: 36V
  • Sword length: up to 30 cm
  • Special features: tool-free chain tensioner, brushless motor, inertia-triggered chain brake

4. Hunter’s favorite: Stihl MSA 200 C-BQ chainsaw

If you are looking for a cordless chainsaw that is comparable in performance to a petrol model, then the “Stihl MSA 200 C-BQ” is well-advised. The test winner of the magazine “Self is the man” (grade: 1,2) impresses above all by its excellent cutting performance. Per battery charge up to 100 cuts in beech wood are possible.

It is positive that the machine not only works with low vibration but is also very quiet. Hearing protection is not necessary. No wonder hunters are enthusiastic about this chainsaw. The “German Jäger-Zeitung” voted the chainsaw 2016 the winner in a test and recommends them to eliminate storm damage and to clear out hunting seats.


  • Saw type: Cordless chainsaw
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Power: 36V
  • Sword length: 30 cm
  • Special features: Lightweight and compact cordless saw. Incl. Battery and charger. QuickStop braking system for increased safety.

5. Professional model for the rough: Husqvarna 445 chainsaw

This powerful gasoline chainsaw is ideally suited for tree-growing and is therefore used mainly in the agricultural sector as well as in forestry work. For the pruning in the garden, it is a bit oversized and therefore less suitable.

As an all-round device with professional functions, this chain saw is not among the cheapest models, but it is one of the most versatile. It has its own air-injection air cleaning system, low-vib damping elements and is particularly fast at take-off. Despite its strong sawing performance and a powerful engine, the “Husqvarna 445” is fuel efficient and runs relatively quietly.  

Husqvarna 445

  • Saw type: gasoline chainsaw
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Power: 2,100 W
  • Sword length: 33-50 cm
  • Special features: sword guard, felling mark, lateral chain tension, X-Torq, start with minimal effort thanks to Smart Start

Whether for smaller woodwork in the house and garden or in the professional forestry work: the advantages of a good power saw are obvious. Which model you buy depends on your individual needs. Remember, however, that the larger and more powerful a chainsaw is, the greater the risk of injury. Large chainsaws with gas tank should not be used by laymen, here is the purchase of a smaller electric chainsaw recommended.