Bicycle, stepper or rowing machine for your home

For those who do not like to sweat in the gym, an exercise bike is the right choice. This allows you to train a little at any time of the day or night without having to travel long distances. In addition, you only have the one-off purchase costs for your fitness equipment. presents three categories of equipment and their advantages: bicycle , rowing machine and stepper. Starting at around 100 euros, you get good models.

Difference exercise bike and ergometer

An exercise bike is a simple home fitness device. With a home trainer, the resistance is set manually using a simple rotary control. There is no on-board computer and it can not be set exact wattage, moreover, the number of programs is very reduced. Their clear advantage is that they compared to ergometers. 

With an ergometer, however, the resistance can be infinitely adjusted over a defined wattage. In addition, ergometers have a variety of programs that can be adjusted individually. A digital on-board computer displays the most important data such as power, distance covered or consumption. In addition, an ergometer can achieve a much higher maximum resistance in watts than exercise bikes. 

Often the terms exercise bikes and ergometers are used interchangeably for the cycle exercise bike or ergometer. 

Bicycle:  A bicycle ergometer stimulates the movement as on a bicycle and trains the body accordingly. Different routes, such as uphill, can be simulated. On the one hand the device trains your cardiovascular system and the lungs, on the other hand it also addresses the most important muscle parts of the lower body. 

Rowing machine:  Almost the whole body can be trained with a rowing machine. In particular, the back and abdominal muscles, but also thighs and calves as well as the upper arms and shoulders are not too short. An oar ergometer will help you both to improve your stamina and build muscle. 

Stepper:  A stepper is based on the movements of stairs or mountaineering and therefore trains mainly the thighs, buttocks and calves. The stepper is also suitable for indoor endurance training, improving fitness, promoting blood circulation and increasing lung volume. 

Exercise Bike: Kettler AXOS Cycle P bike for beginners and families

The Kettler exercise bike AXOS Cycle P is suitable for up to four people, since the data can be stored by 4 people. Saddle and handlebars can be adjusted in height and tilt. The device is suitable up to a body weight of 130 kg. The flywheel is nine kilograms in the middle range. 

You can choose between 16 different levels of difficulty and 12 programs to train your whole body, especially your legs. The bike is very comfortable and offers extras like a stress graph and measuring your pulse, because an ergometer is integrated. Also due to its price and ease of use, the device is particularly suitable for beginners or as a family exercise device. 

Kettler Exercise Bike Bicycle AXOS Cycle P

  • 12 programs
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Trained muscle groups: legs, buttocks, hips
  • including pulse measurement
  • Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 146 centimeters

Rowing machine: SportPlus SP-MR-008 for endurance training

If you prefer to work your upper body and arms instead of your legs, a rowing machine is a good choice. These hinged devices are filled with a little water, so you feel the resistance. While sitting, row in one of the various programs and select one of the eight resistances. The seat turns out not only as a means to an end, but also as a very comfortable one, which benefits a long and enduring workout.

The team of the sports equipment test portal is also in favor of this. Chest straps measure the heartbeat and on the training computer you can see all the important information such as distance, rudder movements per minute, heart rate, calories burned and time remaining.

SportPlus rowing machine for the home

  • Functions: eight resistance levels, six programs
  • Trained muscle groups: arms and upper body
  • Dimensions: 190 x 51 x 77 centimeters (95 x 51 x 122 centimeters folded)

Exercise bike: Sportstech ES400 with smart display

The powerful exercise bike ES400 from Sportstech at a fair price has an integrated smartphone function. It also has a tablet holder so you can link all your data and programs to the exercise bike. The display itself shows you the distance, speed, time and calorie consumption. By linking the device to Google Maps or Google Street View, you can see the landscape you are driving virtually.

Intelligent heart rate monitors are integrated on the handlebars. The good handling and functionality of the display praise the buyers at Amazon. Various programs make a comfortable and varied workout at home with eight different resistances possible. Thanks to the grooved belt drive, the bike is pleasantly quiet and can easily be pushed on wheels to the desired location.

Sportstech ES400 ergometer exercise bike

  • Functions: connectable with smartphone, different programs
  • Trained muscle groups: legs, buttocks, hips
  • Dimensions: 98 x 46 x 133 centimeters

Exercise Bike: Ultrasport F-Bike 150 – space saving and cheap

If you want a modern and affordable bike under 150 euros, this model could be the right one for you. The special feature: It is particularly space-saving due to its folding mechanism. In addition, the wheel has eight resistance levels, the saddle can be adjusted in several stages. However, the device is only suitable up to a maximum weight of 100 kg. 

On the handlebar are hand pulse sensors that display the pulse and other current values ​​on the LCD display during exercise. The LCD display is powered by batteries that are included. 

Ultrasport F-Bike Advanced Home Trainer

  • Functions: eight resistance levels
  • Trained muscle groups: legs, buttocks, hips
  • Dimensions: 95 x 45 x 121 centimeters (36 x 45 x 142 centimeters folded)

Stepper: Sportstech 2in1 Twister for space-saving training

This small device is an up-down stepper and, despite its small size, offers both lower and upper body training thanks to the included rubber bands. This is how you train your legs in the smallest of spaces, but also the trunk, because the gentle joint training with gentle turns helps to define hips and buttocks. You can quilt while watching a movie or listening to music. The stepper can be easily moved and put into operation.

In addition, you get so-called power ropes that relax and strengthen your arms, neck and shoulders. The stepper is quiet but powerful. The display always shows the current selection and records current results such as calorie consumption and the trained muscle group.

Sportstech 2in1 Twister Stepper

  • Functions: Stepper (Up, Down, Twist) and Power Ropes
  • trained muscle groups: legs, hips, buttocks, arms, shoulders, neck, biceps
  • Dimensions: 36 x 26 x 39 centimeters

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